Our clinic offers a wide variety of services

Soft Tissue Therapy, Post-Operative Rehabilitation, Fitness Appraisal, "Return to Work" Assessments, Workplace Ergonomics

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  • Comprehensive Physical Assessment and Reports

  • Treatment of Acute, Sub-acute and Chronic Musculo-Skeletal System Ailments

    Some common conditions that we treat in this establishment are:

      Sport Injuries
      Neck and Back Pain
      Rotator Cuff Tears/Tendinitis
      Motor Vehichal Accident Injuries
      Work Injuries
      Foot Pain
      Plantar Fasciitis
      Stroke Rehabilitation
  • Intensive early Rehabilitation of Soft Tissue and Post Operative Condition

    We are able to treat a multitude of injuries such as: sprains, strains, tendinitis, and rehabilitation (following hip and knee replacements).

  • Fitness Appraisal

    We will be offering personal training and

  • Return to work Assessment and Workplace Ergonomics

    We provide post-rehabilative Return to Work Assessments, and care plans that utilize excerise programs and an ergonomic workspace.

  • Services are Covered by:

    Employee Insurance plan

    Motor Vehicle Insurance Plans

    WSIB and Veteran Affairs

    OHIP (certain restrictions may apply)